Take Five … with Suzy Rowland

Suzy specialises in offering information & empowerment for parents & educators, enabling children with #autism & ADHD to be #happyinschool.

Introducing our new addition to TW Talent; Take Five.

Over the last few months, I have been collecting the ideas behind the brilliant businesses that make the TW postcode such as wonderful place to live. It’s my plan to create a set of short stories that you can enjoy reading whilst taking 5 minutes out of your day to grab yourself a cuppa and put your feet up.

So here it is. The first of my Take Fives with Suzy Rowland, the owner of the inspriational ‘Happy In School’ project.

Name: Suzy Rowland

Name of business: #happyinschoolproject

Number of years business has been going? Less than one year.

Background before you started this business? I worked in corporate communications, PR & copywriting. 

What makes your offering/business/service unique? With two teachers in the family, a son with autism, and a flair for communication I’m passionate about equality in education and have managed to fuse these skills together in setting up the #happyinschool project. Working with parents and partners to improve the prospects of children and young people with autism is not just about the individual child or family, I believe it’s about building a fairer more inclusive society. I bring elements of holistic healing to the sessions to remind and inspire parents of their unique opportunity to positively influence and shape a special human being. 

Describe a typical day? As the business is still in its early stages, every day is full of planning, writing and phone calls. I work with charity partners and local authorities to make sure we communicate with parents who would benefit from the project, delivering #happyinschool workshops to parents, writing and curating social media posts, researching and writing new content for the next project, which will be aimed at secondary parents of children with autism. I’m also working on building a YouTube channel, which is coming later this year. I’m also finishing a book, so yes, every day is incredibly busy and I love it that way!

Proud moments? Being invited to be a guest speaker at the Express Autism Conference at the Rose Theatre (March 20, 2019), being invited to speak to volunteers about the #happyinschool project at a very influential autism charity, SOS SEN and being invited to feed my thoughts and ideas into meetings with professionals, all of which will ultimately help the understanding of autism and ADHD in schools. 

How would you sum up your offering in one sentence? The Happy In School Project is information & empowerment for parents & educators, enabling children with #autism & ADHD to be #happyinschool.

Suzy has very kindly offered a discount for three discounted parent coaching sessions if you mention TW Talent. Courses must be redeemed by end of July 2019. Contact Suzy here for further information and to book your session.

Suzy Rowland
07947 801044
Writer | Poet | Founder, happy in school project


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